Thursday, 28 June 2012

Sweet things!

One of the more unusual projects I have undertaken in recent months was designing a set of moulds for chocolate making for 'Sweetly Does It'. Although I have designed lots of craft based products in the past this was particularly interesting as I had to think about how the chocolate would be built up in painted layers to create the finished sweet treats. I really love the process of how my illustrations can become a product, especially craft products where they then help other people to make things. I'm very relieved to see that the moulds work perfectly!

Not only is chocolate making a lot of fun to do, but the finished results would also make a lovely homemade gift. Luckily I have also designed some complimentary gift bags, which could be used for presenting the finished chocolates or any sweet treats of your choosing!

You can find out more about the moulds and gift bags here.
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