Friday, 17 August 2012

'Partridge & Pear' ( - Part 3)

Following on from my last post where I showed you the 'Partridge and Pear' cake stand, I am continuing today by posting about the matching cake tins and cupcake cases / cupcake picks. As with the cake stand I had great fun playing around with pattern. There's lots going on, but I think it works!

Finally, I come to the last set of products for 'Partridge & Pear', which is a collection of felt tabletop items...

...including, place mats with matching coasters...

...napkin rings, place card holders...

... and a matching table runner.

It was tricky work converting my drawings into files for the felt factory as I had to work out all the spacings for the cut-outs. When you look at a cut-out you don't realise how tricky the technique is... it's very easy to accidentally lose a whole section of your design because it isn't correctly 'attached' to the rest of the piece.
I loved working on this range and hopefully it will find it's way into some of your homes this Christmas!

Images copyright Kitchen Craft 2012.

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

'Partridge & Pear' ( - Part 2)


The 'Partridge & Pear' designs are continued across a number of festive porcelain platters, which are ideal for serving your Christmas feasts! I think that the heart-shaped platters below would also work well as a trinkets tray - I'm going to get one to put my jewellery in! However, perhaps the more traditional use for the bowls is for figs and nuts!

My favourite product in the range is the cake stand, where the heart and dove motifs are combined to very decorative effect. (I love combining patterns together for a pattern overload!) I'm looking forward to using this for my Christmas cupcakes and mince pies!

Images copyright Kitchen Craft 2012

Thursday, 2 August 2012

'Partridge & Pear' ( - Part 1)

As we move through the first week of August I have been extremely busy designing my THIRD Christmas range for 2013. This is the sixth Christmas range I have designed in twelve months ( - it's lucky I love Christmas so much!) and all of the ranges are completely different, focusing on very contrasting styles and themes. Among my favourite ranges is 'Partridge & Pear,' which was launched by Kitchen Craft at Exclusively Housewares. I am a big fan of Scandinavian / folk style prints and I hope that these designs capture this essence.

Inspired by the trend for paper cut-outs and following the range name of 'Partridge & Pear', I designed a series of motifs, (heart, turtle dove, pear and partridge) and applied these boldly across the product range. I used a limited colour pallet of red, white and silver to create a dramatic effect. These work as a design for Christmas, but because of the current trend for folk designs, I personally think they could be used at any time of year! I also used the partridge motif to create a range logo, as can been seen as a sticker on the first plate (above).

Each of the plates has a matching mug and these, (along with other products in the range), are sold with a special swing tag that I designed. It is a multi-layered tag with a wood-cut top, which can be detached from the product information to be hung on your tree as a Christmas decoration.

As this range is very gift orientated, there is an additional mug that is packaged in a craft-paper hat box.

Here the colours are reversed out and I think it looks very festive!

Images copyright Kitchen Craft 2012