Friday, 17 August 2012

'Partridge & Pear' ( - Part 3)

Following on from my last post where I showed you the 'Partridge and Pear' cake stand, I am continuing today by posting about the matching cake tins and cupcake cases / cupcake picks. As with the cake stand I had great fun playing around with pattern. There's lots going on, but I think it works!

Finally, I come to the last set of products for 'Partridge & Pear', which is a collection of felt tabletop items...

...including, place mats with matching coasters...

...napkin rings, place card holders...

... and a matching table runner.

It was tricky work converting my drawings into files for the felt factory as I had to work out all the spacings for the cut-outs. When you look at a cut-out you don't realise how tricky the technique is... it's very easy to accidentally lose a whole section of your design because it isn't correctly 'attached' to the rest of the piece.
I loved working on this range and hopefully it will find it's way into some of your homes this Christmas!

Images copyright Kitchen Craft 2012.

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