Saturday, 27 April 2013

New Summer Range - 'Bloom'

My third and final new summer range for Cool Movers is called 'Bloom'. This is my favourite of the three ranges because I was asked to add a bit more creativity to the pattern, although it still needed to be relatively simple for the core summer tableware market. As a floral design was required to contrast with the other two ranges, I decided to create a really strong and bold motif that would translate well across both melamine and textile products.

Hopefully the design comes across as being fun and playful as I wanted to capture the joy of a picnic in the sunshine. The design is available on melamine plates, bowls and cups, as well as paper napkins and a plastic table cloth.

I reinterpreted the large bold floral into a ditsy print to work on picnic bags and rugs...

...but the larger design is picked up again on the packaging.
I think that the two pattern scales work together well to add a bit more depth and interest to the range. 

And I love the styling of the products with a VW camper van in the below marketing photos! I didn't suggest this, but I think the team behind the photo shoot got the concept just right!

Images copyright Kitchen Craft 2013.

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