Saturday, 1 June 2013

Colourful Worktops!

A really enjoyable brief was to design some patterns for work top savers for use in the kitchen. These can be quite wacky, so it was a great opportunity to play around with colour and shape and the theme of tea pots and tea cups seemed like an obvious choice, as a tea pot is likely to be a common hot item placed on this type of trivet.  
This design was chosen for production and is now available in two different shapes.

Sadly, the below fruit pattern didn't make it, because, although it was liked, there was concern that the detail of the pattern would be lost under the glass top layer. It's quite a detailed pattern so I understand the point, but I was quite pleased with it, so thought I would share it with you anyway!... and you never know the design may one day make it onto another product...
My other pattern did also make it to production however! I was asked to create a modern twist on a spot pattern and came up with the below. It's quite simple, but with the vibrant colours it's very bold!

Images copyright Kitchen Craft 2013.

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