Wednesday, 1 August 2018

Camelot Fabrics Instagram Take Over (Part 3)

OK – time to be brave! The sewing machine is out! As this collection contains two Union Jack inspired prints, I have decided to make a reversible 1940’s style headscarf, a fashion that is very much back right now! I have adapted this project from one I found on – You can check it out for full instructions, or follow my simplified instructions here: 

1) Cut two pieces of contrasting fabric 38.5” X 4”, which includes ¼” seam allowance. I have used my ‘Flag in blue’ fabric for one piece and ‘Crown in white’ fabric for the other. 

2) Place the two pieces right sides together and fold in half lining up the short edges. Mark the centre of the short edges with a pin. Mark 5” down on each side and create an arc shape - cut out as shown.

3) / 4) Pin the fabric all the way around, but on one long edge mark a gap of 2” which you do not pin and will not be sewn yet.

5) Sew around the edge, but remember to leave the 2” gap in the middle on one long edge. 

6) Trim down your seam allowance and on the two pointy ends snip off the corner as close to the seam as possible without cutting through it. 

7) Turn your fabric the right way by pushing it through the 2” gap. Use a skewer or scissors to push out the pointy ends.

8) At the 2” gap fold in the seam and sew the gap closed.

9) / 10) Press your scarf et voila! – A 1940’s style head scarf ready to wear! 

Please excuse the selfies, but I wanted to show you how to wear the headscarf. Simply loop it under your hair at the back and tie in a cute bow to one side on the top of your head! 

I know it’s only very simple, but I enjoyed the project so much I immediately made a second scarf using my ‘Raining in multi’ fabric for one side and ‘Crown in blue’ for the other. 

If like me you don’t particularly suit wearing your hair off your face you can also use the scarf as a super-cute neckerchief! 

What do you think? 

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