Thursday, 31 October 2013

New Range! - Spookily Does It! (Part 2)

As well as the partyware shown in my previous post, I had to design characters that would work across a variety of baking products and gift bags for the 'Spookily Does It!' brief. My background is in creating designs for children and the trick when designing characters of this type is that they mustn't be too scary. By giving them all slightly smily faces or rounder features than would normally be expected it stops even the most sinister of characters from being too alarming and adds an almost cute feel to the design.
This was important for me as well as the children as I am not a fan of spiders, so by giving the spider character a happy face it made him much easier for me to work with!!!

I was asked to use the characters to design some chocolate moulds. I think they work perfectly for this and as I also designed a variety of treat bags, once you have made them there is a choice of cellophane or paper treat bags in which to present them to your friends!

Or if baking is more your thing the characters feature on cookie cutters and in a set of cupcake cases and picks - I just love the way these have been packaged in a coffin shape box! It's really fun!

Finally, other items in the range include edible cake toppers, candles and even a pumpkin carving kit!

Happy Halloween!!!

Images copyright Kitchen Craft 2013. 

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