Thursday, 2 August 2018

Camelot Fabrics Instagram Take Over (Part 4)

My second collection for Camelot launched in April. ‘Village Life’ was inspired completely by the village where I live in Worcestershire, UK and as with all of my collections began with illustrations drawn in pen and ink of motifs that represent semi-rural life and the community here.

These designs always make me smile because when I look at them I think of home: vibrant blooms and plucky chickens from the village allotment outside the window of my home studio; 

ducks and pig prints from the farm at the bottom of the road;

a big statement typography print references the post office, the village store, the church, the bridle path, the canal, even our annual beer festival and more – basically it covers everything that makes this village a community and why I love living here so much. But the biggest reference to where I live is our iconic clock which stands in the village centre and was erected to celebrate the millennium – it’s a very important landmark for the village so it had to be included in the design! 

We have a lovely community in the village and this year the village took part in a national competition called ‘Britain In Bloom’, where lots of villagers got together to tidy up the village and to plant flowers and vegetables and just to make the village look as wonderful as possible. There was also a special reception for the judges and I was asked if some of my ‘Village Life’ fabric could be used for a table cloth as it depicts the community so well. 

The fabric isn’t in stores until October, so I had some especially made for the occasion with Amanda of Horse Fair Vintage designing these beautiful cloths combining ‘Village Map in Multi’ with ‘Blooms in yellow’ and edged in a grey and white polka dot fabric from Amanda’s fabric stash. I think they look wonderful and hopefully they wowed the judges! ‘Village Life’ will be in stores in October.

I am so delighted that my third collection for Camelot has just launched on their website! It’s called ‘Urban Jungle’ and features cats and dogs, as well as pretty meadow flowers! While I do like dogs I am most definitely a cat person and this collection was initially inspired by watching my beautiful kitty moving around our garden with the beauty and grace of her big cat relatives – Our garden is definitely her jungle! The collection has been recoloured to a very pretty and soft palette especially for Camelot and will hit stores March 2019! You can find out more about it here.

In addition to my Instagram take over, Camelot Fabrics have also interviewed me for their blog this month. You can check it out here.

Thanks so much for following along with my Instagram takeover. If you’ve enjoyed my posts you can follow me on my blog, on Instagram, on Facebook, or on Twitter – Come and say hi and let me know what designs you’d like to see next! I’d also love to see the projects you make with my collections so please tag me into your posts or use the hashtag #vickyyorkecamelot  - I can’t wait to see what you make! 

Wednesday, 1 August 2018

Camelot Fabrics Instagram Take Over (Part 3)

OK – time to be brave! The sewing machine is out! As this collection contains two Union Jack inspired prints, I have decided to make a reversible 1940’s style headscarf, a fashion that is very much back right now! I have adapted this project from one I found on – You can check it out for full instructions, or follow my simplified instructions here: 

1) Cut two pieces of contrasting fabric 38.5” X 4”, which includes ¼” seam allowance. I have used my ‘Flag in blue’ fabric for one piece and ‘Crown in white’ fabric for the other. 

2) Place the two pieces right sides together and fold in half lining up the short edges. Mark the centre of the short edges with a pin. Mark 5” down on each side and create an arc shape - cut out as shown.

3) / 4) Pin the fabric all the way around, but on one long edge mark a gap of 2” which you do not pin and will not be sewn yet.

5) Sew around the edge, but remember to leave the 2” gap in the middle on one long edge. 

6) Trim down your seam allowance and on the two pointy ends snip off the corner as close to the seam as possible without cutting through it. 

7) Turn your fabric the right way by pushing it through the 2” gap. Use a skewer or scissors to push out the pointy ends.

8) At the 2” gap fold in the seam and sew the gap closed.

9) / 10) Press your scarf et voila! – A 1940’s style head scarf ready to wear! 

Please excuse the selfies, but I wanted to show you how to wear the headscarf. Simply loop it under your hair at the back and tie in a cute bow to one side on the top of your head! 

I know it’s only very simple, but I enjoyed the project so much I immediately made a second scarf using my ‘Raining in multi’ fabric for one side and ‘Crown in blue’ for the other. 

If like me you don’t particularly suit wearing your hair off your face you can also use the scarf as a super-cute neckerchief! 

What do you think? 

Tuesday, 31 July 2018

Camelot Fabrics Instagram Take Over (Part 2)

I am beyond excited that my fabric samples of ‘From London With Love’ have arrived and they are looking fantastic! The colours are perfectly reproduced from my original designs and the fabric is beautiful quality! 

The collection is OUT NOW! and I can’t wait to make something! (What I lack in skill I will make up for with enthusiasm!) 

A really special feature of this collection is the panel featuring my 6 London drawings in large scale. 

I wasn’t sure how to show it off to best effect, so in the end I hung it on the washing line! – It looks wonderful! You can use the panels to make super-easy statement London pillows or even some fabric wall art celebrating the UK capital city. 

Although I do own a sewing machine I am very sorry to say I rarely use it, so I thought I would ease myself in to doing projects with a no-sew version… I found this great bin making kit online, which is very similar to lampshade making kits. 

It sticks the fabric to a plastic pre-cut shape, which is then wrapped around two metal hoops and a base is inserted. I used my map fabric to cover the body of the bin and I think it looks great. 

It’s far too nice to be a bin and is the perfect storage space for all my fabrics, so I have upgraded it from bin to ‘fabric bucket’! What do you think? 

Monday, 30 July 2018

Camelot Fabrics Instagram Take Over (Part 1)

This weekend I was lucky enough to be given the opportunity to guest post on the Camelot Fabrics Instagram account. It was so much fun to share my experiences of life as a designer and to get feedback from the sewing and quilting community who will be using my designs for their fabulous creations! I loved it! 

But in case you aren't on Instagram I thought I would add some of the posts below so that you can still follow along and get to know me better! 

Hi! I’m Vicky Yorke and I’m a surface pattern designer and illustrator living in semi-rural Worcestershire, UK. I’m lucky enough to license my collections with Camelot Fabrics and I’m super-excited to be taking over the Camelot Instagram feed for the next few days so that you can get to know me better and learn more about my life as a designer! Feel free to ask me any questions in the comments section under my posts. You can also read about me in more detail on the Camelot Fabrics blog.

 I work in two ways as a designer: 1) as a freelance designer creating surface pattern designs, illustrations and new product concepts for suppliers to retail and 2) as a licensed designer, licensing designs from my portfolio straight to manufacturers for use on their products under the Vicky Yorke Designs brand. Here is a sneaky look at some of the designs from my portfolio. I love to mix illustrations with typography for patterns that are really fun. Most often I create designs that are bright, whimsical and that will hopefully make you smile!  

In addition to fabric, my designs also feature across many other types of product including stationery, homeware, gift, kitchenware, tech cases and personalised product and I have other new exciting things launching soon! It’s always so fun to see my designs come alive on product, adding a splash of colour and transforming the product into something that’s completely unique! (But I must admit that products that involve fabric are always my favourite!) 

My workspace is currently set up in the spare room of our small cottage. It isn’t my ideal studio space, but I have everything I need – pencils, pens, paper, my trusty Mac (basically my best friend!), my product samples and lots of light. 

Oh, and did I mention the beautiful view across the village allotments, which is always guaranteed to spark a creative idea or two!

My first collection for Camelot, ‘From London With Love’ launched just before Christmas and is in stock now! – Yay! 

The collection celebrates iconic British landmarks and culture and you can read all about what inspired my designs over on the Camelot Fabrics blog. For all of my collections I always start with a loose pencil sketch and then work back over the design in ink. I create drawings that are whimsical and fun! These drawings show iconic landmarks of London: Big Ben / The Elizabeth Tower, St. Paul’s Cathedral and Battersea Power Station. Also featured in this collection is The London Eye, Buckingham Palace & The Gherkin.

As the architecture drawings in this collection are very detailed I also wanted some simpler motifs to add balance to the collection. 

Once I have all my drawings together I transfer them to my Mac where I ‘live trace’ and colour the motifs in Adobe Illustrator and assemble the designs into illustration compositions or repeat prints. 

And these designs are then printed onto fabric by Camelot!