Thursday, 12 July 2012

And finally - CUPCAKES!!!

'Sweetly Does It' is probably most famous for cupcakes and baking - so what better way to round up my blog posts on the brand than to show you some of my new cupcake case and pick designs that have just been launched! Above are romantic lace and polka dot designs with complimentary filigree chandelier and heart picks (- perfect for giving to the one you love?), as well as a quirky animal prints set - with a nod to fashion with matching handbag and shoe picks. Ideal for cupcake baking with the girls!

There is also a 'country rose' style pack for a more traditional cupcake tea party...

... and gold and silver filigree packs with matching butterfly and dove picks that are perfect for weddings, christenings and other special occasions.

Images copyright Kitchen Craft 2012

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