Thursday, 2 August 2012

'Partridge & Pear' ( - Part 1)

As we move through the first week of August I have been extremely busy designing my THIRD Christmas range for 2013. This is the sixth Christmas range I have designed in twelve months ( - it's lucky I love Christmas so much!) and all of the ranges are completely different, focusing on very contrasting styles and themes. Among my favourite ranges is 'Partridge & Pear,' which was launched by Kitchen Craft at Exclusively Housewares. I am a big fan of Scandinavian / folk style prints and I hope that these designs capture this essence.

Inspired by the trend for paper cut-outs and following the range name of 'Partridge & Pear', I designed a series of motifs, (heart, turtle dove, pear and partridge) and applied these boldly across the product range. I used a limited colour pallet of red, white and silver to create a dramatic effect. These work as a design for Christmas, but because of the current trend for folk designs, I personally think they could be used at any time of year! I also used the partridge motif to create a range logo, as can been seen as a sticker on the first plate (above).

Each of the plates has a matching mug and these, (along with other products in the range), are sold with a special swing tag that I designed. It is a multi-layered tag with a wood-cut top, which can be detached from the product information to be hung on your tree as a Christmas decoration.

As this range is very gift orientated, there is an additional mug that is packaged in a craft-paper hat box.

Here the colours are reversed out and I think it looks very festive!

Images copyright Kitchen Craft 2012

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