Saturday, 12 January 2013

Revisited: Wedding photos (Part 1)

I've had a lovely long Christmas break and have taken the opportunity to have a good sort out of my studio! I was delighted when I came across a memory card with some photos that I thought were lost! They are from the day before my wedding a year and a half ago and it was always my intention to share them with you. The first set of images were taken in the barn where I got married and show the order of service and reserved seating cards I designed. Those of you who have visited my blog for a while will recognise that they match the 'save the date' card and invitations from my previous post.

Until I looked at these photos I had forgotten just how much work went into planning a wedding. We wanted it to be very personal, so spent a lot of time creating elements to make it atmospheric. For example, the floral screens to the left of the image above were actually pieces of garden trellis, which we painted, hung fabric behind and hinged together, before threading through the flowers and fairy lights. On the day they looked really pretty though, so it was all worth the effort.

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