Saturday, 15 March 2014

Mugs (Part 3)

Among my favourite of the mug designs were the florals, as I love creating this type of print. Kitchen Craft bought the above design from me after seeing it in my licensing portfolio and I then helped them rework it into the following two mug designs - the first is very similar to the original print...
...and the second is in a new bright pink and purple colourway, which I think is very striking. I love the colour and shape of this mug and must confess it has become one of my favourite mugs for drinking my morning coffee!

In contrast to the bright colour way of the pink mug is a much more neutral wheat leaf print, which I designed to fit easily into any kitchen. It's a simple, but pretty design to hopefully appeal to many tastes. 

A simple stripe makes the third design in the blue and beige mug colour group.
Images copyright Kitchen Craft 2014.

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