Tuesday, 1 May 2012

New designs online

I was recently browsing online on Amazon when I came across some laptop sleeve designs I created for the Rawsharc brand. I had so much fun with these designs as the brief was for a real lifestyle / surfy feel. They are available in a variety of sizes and the Rawsharc Floral and Rawsharc Camo designs are also available in co-ordinating pencil cases from Helix.

After this discovery I Googled another product that I worked on around the same time called the 'Skoodle' pencil case set. I particularly enjoyed working on this project as I came up with the concept for sketching and doodling on your pencil case following attending focus groups with children where they told me this was something that they really wanted to do. I then came up with packaging and branding - and the really nifty thing about this product is that when the child is bored with their doodle they can pop the case in the washing machine and all the ink is removed ready for them to start a new design. This was again for Helix and can currently be found online at funkystationeryandartstuff. 

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