Wednesday, 25 July 2012

'Christmas Fayre' ( - Part 4)

As mentioned in previous posts, designing the 'Christmas Fayre' range presented many challenges!

I hadn't worked a lot with metal before, so creating these cake tins was a real joy! Once I had worked out where the graphics should be placed for best effect, working with the flat sides of the tins was relatively easy and I have been delighted with how beautifully my illustrations and colours have reproduced.

Perhaps more of a challenge was creating metal cookie cutters from my drawings, as it was necessary to simplify my drawings to their most basic form, while still keeping a shape that is distinctly recognisable as one of my motifs when the cookie is created. As well as being used in the baking set featured in my last post, the cookie cutters will be available to buy on a metal ring. I was given the challenge of creating a Christmas tree that will be displayed in stores for point of sale and that the cutters can hang from like decorations!

With some help from Kitchen Craft's very talented 3D designer, who worked on the technical bits, while I made it look pretty, the tree is dressed and ready for Christmas!

As you can probably tell I had so much fun working on 'Christmas Fayre'. Not only did I get to design the characters, motifs and patterns, but I also came up with the name, 'Christmas Fayre' -  and Kitchen Craft used my branding and packaging concepts as well, meaning that I have been involved in the whole design process from start to finish - always a brilliant experience!

Images copyright Kitchen Craft 2012

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