Tuesday, 31 July 2018

Camelot Fabrics Instagram Take Over (Part 2)

I am beyond excited that my fabric samples of ‘From London With Love’ have arrived and they are looking fantastic! The colours are perfectly reproduced from my original designs and the fabric is beautiful quality! 

The collection is OUT NOW! and I can’t wait to make something! (What I lack in skill I will make up for with enthusiasm!) 

A really special feature of this collection is the panel featuring my 6 London drawings in large scale. 

I wasn’t sure how to show it off to best effect, so in the end I hung it on the washing line! – It looks wonderful! You can use the panels to make super-easy statement London pillows or even some fabric wall art celebrating the UK capital city. 

Although I do own a sewing machine I am very sorry to say I rarely use it, so I thought I would ease myself in to doing projects with a no-sew version… I found this great bin making kit online, which is very similar to lampshade making kits. 

It sticks the fabric to a plastic pre-cut shape, which is then wrapped around two metal hoops and a base is inserted. I used my map fabric to cover the body of the bin and I think it looks great. 

It’s far too nice to be a bin and is the perfect storage space for all my fabrics, so I have upgraded it from bin to ‘fabric bucket’! What do you think? 

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